Great Lakes Aggregates Scholarship

Applications closed for 2023.

Sylvania Minerals, a Great Lakes Aggregates Company , is a sandstone and limestone quarry located in the Village of South Rockwood, in northeast Monroe County, Michigan.

The quarry and plant began operations in 1998, and operates on a 600-acre site. The quarry mines clay, dolomitic limestone, and sandstone. The clay is used for a variety of land balance earthwork projects and landfill applications.The sandstone is a high purity silica sandstone that is used for the manufacture of glass. The dolomitic limestone is used to produce a variety of construction aggregates used in road construction and pavement.

Great Lakes Aggregates has played an integral role in our community, as they began operations in South Rockwood, Michigan, in 1998. The Great Lakes Aggregates Scholarship was established in 2022 to help support Airport Community Schools students who are planning to go to college, show a dedication to academics, and have a financial need.

Award: $1,000.00 Scholarship (non-renewable)

Eligibility Criteria:  An Airport Community High School senior with at least a 2.5 GPA at the end of the first semester of their senior year; they must exemplify character through demonstrated leadership and have plans to enroll in a trade school.

Applications closed for 2023.

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