“Beating the Odds” Scholarship

Applications closed for 2023.

In partnership with Airport Community High School, the Airport Community Schools Foundation is proud to offer the “Beating the Odds” scholarship. This scholarship honors an outstanding high school student who has overcome tremendous adversity, demonstrated academic excellence, and given back to their communities. For consideration in the “Beating the Odds” scholarship program, an applicant must be a current high school student at Airport Community High School who has overcome significant obstacles. Applicants must be nominated or seek nomination from a teacher, counselor, caseworker, or other adult who can speak to the student’s challenges.

Award: $1,000 scholarship (non-renewable)

Eligibility Criteria: Airport High School staff chooses this recipient based on their ability to overcome obstacles and “beat the odds” throughout their high school career. We are so thankful we are able to collaborate with Airport Community High School on this very special and well-deserved scholarship.

Applications closed for 2023.

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