HundredX® campaign

Niedermeier Elementary School was named the top performer in an online fundraising campaign hosted by the ACS Foundation. The school earned $3,170 from its participation in the HundredX fundraiser, a campaign that exchanges customer opinions in online surveys for money. It received $2,170, 50% of its total survey earnings, plus $1,000 from the Foundation for being named the winning school.

“We will update families once we decide how we will use these funds to enrich our school,” said Principal Matthew Furtney. “Thank you, Niedermeier, for your dedication in supporting our school.”

HundredX was a four-week campaign and competition between all six district buildings. Families were asked to sign up as survey takers and select which school they wished to financially support.

Every survey answered, up to 75 total opinions, generated about $2. All participants had the opportunity to raise $150 for their school building of choice.

The Foundation retained 50% of the profits, while each school earned half of their building’s proceeds.

The campaign raised a total of $14,758. Along with Niedermeier’s contribution, Eyler Elementary raised $2,232; Ritter Elementary raised $476; Sterling Elementary raised $3,394; Wagar Middle School raised $2,066; and Airport High School raised $2,250.

Those who completed all 75 surveys were entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card. The winners were Mary Baker, Lori Johnson and Claire Williamson. The Foundation will host the fundraiser again in 2024.