How to provide alumni event info

Are you organizing or attending a reunion or alumni event? Share your photos and event details with the Airport Community Schools Foundation, and we may publish them here on the Alumni Network pages or on the airportschoolsfoundation Facebook page.

Please use our contact form to email us the date, location and graduation year of the Airport High School class(es) attending your event, as well as any other pertinent details.

When taking photos of your event please consider lighting and ambient noise. Try to avoid backlighting or sunlight directly on faces. Photos of groups and candid activities are best; try to avoid the backs of people’s heads. Mobile phone pictures or snapshots from a digital camera are all great. When sending your photos, please do not send via text message or email, which can significantly reduce quality. Instead, share via Facebook Messenger, Google Drive, iCloud or other file sharing service. Contact us for help.

Here are some ideas of photos or videos to capture at your event:
Group photo
Faculty members in attendance
Candids of groups and individuals
Planned and unplanned activities
The venue

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