Airport High School Blue & Gold Banquet

The 2023 Blue & Gold Banquet for invited graduating seniors took place 6-8 p.m. on May 16, 2023, at Airport High School.

About the Blue & Gold Banquet

The Airport High School Blue & Gold Banquet is an annual celebration of top graduates of Airport High School, Airport Center for Education and Airport Middle College.

Upwards of $500,000 in scholarships are presented to graduating seniors, including ones offered internally by Airport Community Schools as well as ones provided by the community. (For a list of scholarships offered by the Airport Community Schools Foundation, visit the “Scholarships” Page.)

Perhaps the most memorable part of the event, Airport High School Top 10 graduates give speeches in appreciation of staff members who positively impacted their experiences with Airport Community Schools. An AHS alumni also gives a keynote speech.

In 2022, the Airport Community Schools Foundation participated in the Blue & Gold Banquet for the first time, presenting three new scholarships to graduating seniors.