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Chartwells Scholarship

Applications closed for 2023.

Chartwells has been the Airport Community Schools food service provider since the 2014-15 school year. They are a wonderful partner for our district and, more importantly, a great service provider for our students.

We all want the very best for our students and Chartwells is here to help with their nutritious kid-approved menu and innovative programs. They are dedicated to serving happy and healthy selections in our six schools every day.  Food is an important part of everyone’s well-being and students deserve a place to eat where they can connect with others, recharge, and enjoy a sense of happiness in their school. Chartwells serves over 600 schools nationally with a focus of being delicious and nutritious.

Award: $1000.00 Scholarship (non-renewable)

Eligibility Criteria: 

Applications closed for 2023.

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